Thursday, June 25, 2009

And so it begins.....Again

I will start out by saying this has been the longest week ever, and it is not even over! Jonathan left the country Monday night. I have only heard from him three times since he left. All three times have been very, very short. He has had just enough time to tell me where he is, what he is doing and where he will be next. He still has not reached his destination, but should be there soon.
I have already had a few crazy moments. I have found myself talking to my dogs like they understand every word I say! Sunday night I had my "breakdown". I sat in my bed crying as I talked to Rosie and Rebel. I would grab one of them and hug them as I cried. They did not like it at all! Who knows, they may understand what I'm saying. :)
I have had to be extra strong these past few days. It takes all that I have to get out of bed and go to work with a smile on my face. Every morning when I get to work, my friend will ask "So, are you okay today? I can be your rock, but only for the next 30 minutes." She always tears up as she says it. I can now expect it every morning. I'm so lucky to have girls at work that I can talk to durring the day. I can talk to them about my worries and distress and they just simply listen. It truely is a blessing to have such friends durring such a tough time in my life.

I really don't want this blog to be me complaining about Jonathan not being here. There are alot of women out there going through the same thing or about to go through it. I know of 2 women off the top of my head that are facing a deployment. I hope to reach out to other people and help them the way others have helped me. Families and friends left back home have to stick together. It helps so much when you have someone here at home going through the same thing. You have someone who knows exactly how you feel. They will not think your crazy when you take off running towards your phone when you hear it ring. They understand when you are just having one of those TOUGH days. They are here to encourage and listen. Last deployment I was floored with all the people who gave me cards, books, Bible verses, and even CDs that helped them through their deployment. I would bring me to tears and still does. In a world where everything is about "me", there are still some people who truely care for others and want to help them. I do have to say I'm truely blessed to have such great friends and family to be my rock and encouragment.
So as I always say "I'm going to put my big girl panties on and deal with it". I can and will get through this deployment with my head held high. As long as I have God on my side, it will all come out okay.
Please pray for Jonathan this week. He is still traveling and I'm not sure when he will finally be to his final destination.


  1. Holding On with you...
    Praying with and for you....
    Love you

  2. Your post has brought me to tears. I can just see and feel what's in your heart through your words. We will be praying for you and Jonathan.

  3. yep, my cats think I'm crazy too....:)

  4. Dixie looks at me sometimes like I am crazy when I go outside and talk out loud. She barks and looks around like she is trying to find who I am talking to. Then she will come and just sit at my feet. She is about 14 years old...I bet she is wondering if it is me or her that is losing it. :) Know that we are praying for you and Jonathan. His magnet is still on my fridge.